Prado Museum - Madrid

The Prado Museum is definitely the crown jewel of Madrid. Masterpieces from the Spanish, Flemish and Italian schools hang from its walls waiting to be discovered by a curious look.

Prado Museum - Spanish Painting up to 1700

Permanent collection

This collection includes about 2.000 paintings from the 12th to the late 17th centuries. These works offer a detailed survey of the principle chapters in the history of Spanish painting, particularly about the artists and schools from the Renaissance period.

El caballero de la mano en el pecho by el Greco

El Greco

1541 - 1614, Renaissance and Mannierism

Prado Museum - Italian and French Painting up to 1700

Permanent collection

This collection includes paintings by a wide range of leading Italian and French artists prior to 1700.

Flemish Painting and Northern Schools

Permanent collection

The Museo del Prado has one of the largest collections of Flemish painting numbering almost 1.000 works.

El jardín de las delicias by El Bosco

El Bosco

1450 - 1516, Flemish painting and Renaissance

Prado Museum - 18th-century Painting and Goya

Permanent collection

18t century European painting, in which Francisco de Goya is a key figure, is a very important area within the Museo del Prado’s collections. It comprises includes almost 1.000 paintings by several artists from the most important countries in Europe.

El 3 de mayo en Madrid by Goya


1746 - 1828, Romanticism