El Bosco, 1450 - 1516

Jheronimus van Aken was a Dutch/Netherlandish painter from Brabant. He is one of the most notable representatives of Early Netherlandish painting school.

El Bosco is known for its detailed landscapes, fantastic imagery and religious illustrations. He also had nightamarish and macabre depictions of hell.

Bosch’s life is a mistery, he was a hugely individualistic painter with interest for humanity’s desires and deepest fears.

El carro de heno by el Bosco
El carro de heno, 1500

Masterpiece of The Bosco

El Jardín de las Deilicias, 1500 - 1505

El jardín de las delicias by el Bosco detailThe Garden of Earthly Delights is the best known and most ambitious surviving work by El Bosco. It’s a triptych painted in oil on oak and includes a square middle panel flanked by two other oak rectangular wings. They are probably intended to be read from left to right.

The left panel depicts a scene from the Garden of Eden, Adam wakes up from a deep sleep to find God holding Eve by her wrist and giving the sign of his blessing to their union.

El jardín de las delicias by el Bosco detailThe central panel shows a garden teeming with male and female nudes, a variety of animals, plants and fruit. There are fantastic creatures and gigantic fruits. The figures are engaged in diverse amorous sports and activities, both un couples and in groups.

The right panel illustrates a Hell, Bosch depicts a world in which humans have succumbed to temptations that lead to evil and reap eternal damnation. It makes a huge contrast with those preceding it. We can see terrible things such as war, torture chambers, demons, cities on fire or mutated animals.

Extracción de la piedra de la locura by el Bosco
Extracción de la piedra de la locura, 1494