Murillo, 1617 - 1682

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo was a Spanish Baroque painter born in Seville or in Pilas, a small Andalusian town. He’s known for his religious works, but he also produced several realistic portraits of contemporary scenes on the streets, depicting the everyday life of his times.

Murillo had many followers and pupils and his paintings were widely imitated, so prior to the 19th century his work was already famous and known in Spain and Europe.

Inmaculada Concepción de los Venerables by Murillo
Inmaculada Concepción de los Venerables, 1678

Masterpiece of Murillo

Joven mendigo, 1645 - 1650

Joven Mendigo by Murillo detailAlso known as The Young Beggar, this painting is an oil on canvas work. It is a warm picture because of the use of yellows, browns and chestnuts that shows a neglected kid outlined by the chiaroscuro typical of the Baroque.

Murillo painted several paintings on this line because there were many of these children in the streets of Seville. It is believed that it could be a commission for a foreign or a Catholic order, the Franciscans.

Mujeres en la ventana by Murillo
Mujeres en la ventana, 1660